Advances in Medical Sociology

Health and illness has a long tradition of providing a window into fundamental social problems and processes, including stratification, identity, and culture. Medical sociology has traditionally been one of the largest and most vibrant subfields of sociology, and its resonance for understanding social forces persists. Research in medical sociology both informs and is informed by broad sociological concerns – the tension between structure and agency, the relationship between macro and micro phenomena, and links between theory and practice.

Advances in Medical Sociology creates a forum for the discussion of innovation and controversies within and between medical sociology and the various disciplines that are concerned with health, illness, and healing.

Each volume takes a focused approach to one subject or area of research. The series emphasizes emerging topics and themes, theoretical and methodological innovations, or new directions in classic theory or substance. Volumes in the series also explore issues at the intersection of medical sociology, the broader disciplinary foci of sociology, and the pragmatic concerns of health policy and practice. All papers are double blind peer-reviewed before publication.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Brea L. Perry
University of Kentucky, USA

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