Research in Law and Economics

Research in Law and Economics provides a forum for current, in-depth consideration of relevant issues at the intersection of law and economics. The series includes both issue books dedicated to single subjects within this area (such as antitrust and social justice) and issue books providing a broader cross-section of current scholarship. The topics in RLE will become only more relevant in the current economic climate as debate has already and will continue to focus on economic and legal reasoning to inform policy in a variety of areas.

Research in Law and Economics provides a forum for economic and legal academics and policy practitioners to stay informed with developments in the area of law and economics and its intersection with policy. The series:

  • Provides a range of articles, from in-depth analyses of specific situations, cases, or challenges in an area of law to more general explorations of economic theory in coordination with the law
  • Acts as a forum for presenting advances in the area of law, economics, and policy, which contributes to the overall understanding of the field and its relevance
  • Allows for the establishment of working networks of law and economics academics and practitioners from around the world.
  • The series is aimed toward worldwide knowledge sharing among academics and practitioners in all areas of law and economics. Contributors from across the globe focusing on the intersections of law, economics, and policy are invited to contribute. Contributions from both code and common law jurisdictions are welcomed.

The series encourages well-written articles with a focus on law and economics as it affects policy in the United States and abroad. Coverage includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Antitrust
  • Regulation
  • Benefit-cost analysis
  • Environmental law and economics
  • General economic principles with applications to law and economics

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Professor James Langenfeld
oyola University Chicago, USA

Edwin Galeano
Navigant Economic Consulting

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