Replicability in the Social Sciences

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Series Editor

Babu George, Fort Hays State University, USA


Social sciences are facing serious replicability crisis and have become targets of daily attacks. There is an increasing distrust among practitioners, in the scientific findings being churned out by social science researchers. However, the broader community of social science researchershas largely shied away from facing the criticism than addressing it in amanner befitting scholarly practitioners.

So far, attempts to address irreproducibility of scientific findings have been isolated and largely been concentrated around particular disciplinary areas such as psychology and sociology. However, a significant portion of social research projects that touch upon issues affecting real lives are interdisciplinary; also, the root causes of the replicability crisis are not hard coupled to disciplines. Challenging irreproducibility in a piecemeal manner is ineffective. It must also be noted that mainstream challenges to irreproducibility have turned into mockery, offering no pathways to redemption.

In this background, the mission of this series is to provide a scholarly platform for critical discussion about the replicability crisis that has begun to unsettle confidence in the value of social science research.

Given the diversity of voices it must accommodate into the debate, volumes in this series welcome manuscripts that examines replicability crisis from a diversity of ontological, epistemological, and methodological perspectives.

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