Emerald Studies in State, Politics and Society

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Series Editor

Berch Berberoglu, Foundation Professor of Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno


At a time of great political turmoil, with state institutions in disarray and the rise of authoritarianism around the world, it is becoming increasingly evident that the study of the relationship between politics, the state, and society will once again take center stage as we move forward in the twenty-first century. This series promises to make an important contribution to the study of the class nature of the state and political power as they affect society and social relations on a global scale. The volumes in this series will aim at examining the nature and dynamics of the state and political institutions that serve particular class interests and are the leading forces that promote prevailing power relations and maintain the established social order. At the same time, social movements aimed at challenging state power are increasingly taking the lead in confronting the powers of the state through various forms of resistance across the globe. This series will provide an analysis of the class nature and role of the state, hence the relationship between the state and opposing class forces vying for power, in attempting to understand the dynamics of politics and political power in contemporary capitalist society.

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