Advances in Library Administration and Organization

Advances in Library Administration and Organization was initiated to publish longer, quality research studies, of interest both to working library managers and scholars.

We are particularly interested in how libraries have been and should be managed.

The series:

  • Publishes thought-provoking articles relating to both innovative and time-tested methods that can be used to organize our work
  • Provides a publication venue for those manuscripts that are typically longer than most journal articles but shorter than most books
  • Encourages the presentation of thoughtful pieces that integrate theory and practice
  • Brings to light excellent scholarship that strengthens and reinforces the base of knowledge library administrators have on hand
  • Seeks to develop a body of research literature that contributes to the base of organizational theory on which library administrators rely
  • Seeks out people who think about how libraries and library administrators work and to bring their ideas to the public

The series offers an eclectic mix of timely, thought-provoking articles, bringing together national and global studies and conveying the kind of research which current library managers and researchers need, mixing theory with a good dose of pragmatism.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Samantha Schmehl Hines
Peninsula College, USA​​​​​​​

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