University Partnerships for Pre-service and Teacher Development Vol: 10

Barbara Cozza
St. John’s University, USA

Patrick Blessinger
International HETL Association and St. John’s University, USA

Patrick Blessinger
International HETL Association and St. John’s University, USA

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09 Jun 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning


This volume examines the diverse ways in which universities and colleges around the world are partnering and collaborating with other institutions to fulfill their missions and visions. University partnerships not only include collaborations between universities but also include university-school (basic education) collaborative partnerships to improve local school systems. The increasing pressures to remove access and participation barriers, and to mitigate practices that restrict the free flow of education across borders, have created a growing global space for educational services of all types. As a result, traditional institutional boundaries have expanded to better respond to the increasing pressures placed on them by the growing demand for higher education services. This edited volume will specifically explore university partnerships for preservice and teacher development.
Education scholars explore how university partnerships for pre-service and teacher development apply novel ideas to improve teacher quality in global communities. After setting out concepts and principles, they present case studies of successful partnerships. Among the cases are students helping students: an English language learner parent tutoring program partnership, a Brazilian university-school partnership program for teacher education, the professional development center as a collaborative apprenticeship, creating new pathways for partnerships between universities and communities, and educational partnerships in developing professional identity.

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