The Flipped Approach to Higher Education: Designing Universities for Today’s Knowledge Economies and Societies

Muhammed Sahin
MEF University, Turkey

Caroline Fell Kurban
MEF University, Turkey

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18 Nov 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229mm
From the world’s first completely flipped institution, the authors address the socio-economic and socio-technical nature of today's world and how this impacts what is needed from the education sector, outlining how and why they adopted Flipped Learning as the transformative approach required to meet these needs, and definitively describe the organizational design process needed to establish a Flipped institution, from physical and geographical infrastructure, to human and intellectual capital. 
Included in this book are chapters in which administrators, pedagogical and technical support staff, instructors and students share their experiences and lessons learned in the first year and how the Flipped approach has impacted their education experience. These experiences are then used to develop performance improvement initiatives for leadership, institutional commitment, the infrastructure, and instructor and student support and development.
Sahin and Fell Kurban present readers with a comprehensive examination of the world’s first completely flipped institution of higher education, MEF University in Turkey and the experience and knowledge gained from flipped learning as a transformative approach. The authors cover the socio-economic and socio-technical nature of the world and how it impacts education, flipped learning as a transformative approach to education, organizational design and transformation, and many other related subjects. Muhammed Sahin and Caroline Fell Kurban are faculty members of MEF University in Turkey. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution.

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