Non-State Violent Actors and Social Movement Organizations: Influence, Adaptation, and Change Vol: 41

Julie M. Mazzei
Kent State University, USA

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26 Apr 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
352 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
This volume focusses on non-state actors and political conflicts but also attends to the broader themes of the series. The research emphases the roles and motivations of non-state actors in conflicts or post-conflict situations in the post-Cold War era; as well outlining the dynamics of social movements, conflicts, or change. This volume highlights the motivations and interests of non-state violent actors (NSVAs) in the post-Cold War era; the role of identity and/or ideology in the conflicts or resolutions of so-called "new wars;" the impact of NSVAs in conflict and/or peace-making; and the ways in which IGOs and NGOs interact with NSVAs in conflicts or post-conflict zones.
Introduction SECTION I: NON-STATE ACTORS: INFLUENCE AND ADAPTATION IN CONFLICT ENVIRONMENTS Hostile Countermobilization And Political Violence: loyalist contention and Radicalization in northern ireland, 1968 1969 - Gianluca De Fazio Killing The Movement: How Islam Became A Rival Of Ethnic Movement In Turkey, 1991 2002 - Cem Emrence and Aysegul Aydin Patterns Of Violence Directed Against Civilians In Small Ethnic Enclaves During War In Iraq (2003 2009) - Stephen C. Poulson Oil Ownership And Domestic Terrorism - Matthew Costello Movement structure in an authoritarian regime: a network analysis of the women’s And student movements in iran - Eliot Assoudeh and Debra J. Salazar Protests Or Parliaments: The Politics Of Deinstitutionalization And The Mobilization Of The Palestinian Citizens Of Israel - Liora S. Norwich When Does Repression Trigger Mass Protest? The 2013 Gezi Protests - Defne Over and Basak Taraktas¸ SECTION II: NON-STATE ACTORS: CHALLENGERS AND CHANGE Targeting Culture: Feminist Legal Activists And Critical Community Tactics - Holly J. McCammon, Allison R. McGrath, Ashley Dixon and Megan Robinson Recruiting Inclusiveness: Intersectionality, Social Movements, And Youth Online - Thomas Elliott, Jennifer Earl and Thomas V. Maher
Julie M. Mazzei, Department of Political Science, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA
Political scientists, sociologists, and criminologists analyze the dynamics relevant to understanding the roles and evolution of non-state actors in a range of settings. They begin by looking at the interplay between non-state actors and between them and the state, emphasizing how these actors navigate survival in repressive or conflict-ridden environments. Then they broaden their view to explore the dynamics of social movements and change more generally, looking at nonviolent contexts. Among the topics are killing the movement: how Islam became a rival of an ethnic movement in Turkey 1991-2002, oil ownership and domestic terrorism, and targeting culture: feminist legal activists and critical community tactics.

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