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Macro-Micro Connections in the Pathways to Adulthood Vol: 6

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14 Aug 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 16mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth
The theme of this volume, studies in macro-micro influences on children, in their pathways to adulthood is aimed at examining the points of intersect between individual and family level reactions to the socioeconomic forces buffeting all industrialised societies. The papers in this volume allow understanding of the larger context which children acquire their experience and capacities for growth.
The macro-micro connection; growing up as a modern child in Western Europe - the impact of modernization and civilization processes on the everyday lives of children, Peter Buchner, Heinz-Hermann Kruger and Manuela du Bois-Reymond; ethnic group differences in children's coping strategies, Paul E. Jose, Lynda L. Cafasso and Catherine A. D'Anna; the family context of adolescent vulnerability and resilience to alcohol use and abuse, Rand D. Conger, Martha A. Rueter and Katherine J. Conger; influences on migration intentions of rural adolescents, Laura Rudkin, Glen H. Elder, Jr and Rand Conger; conceptions of childhood transitions - a preliminary study, Marcia Summers and Carol Baker; adolescent-to-adult transitions - social status and cognitive factors, Scott D. Scheer and Rob Palkovitz; transition to higher education in the United States - institutional boundaries and pathways to adulthood, David P. Baker and David L. Stevenson; leaving home and coming back - the impact of recent parental divorce and family dynamics on young adults residential transitions, Teresa M. Cooney; foster home providers to children with severe developmental disabilities - a profile, Ann Goetting and Mark G. Goetting; support and control in parent-child relations from childhood to early adolescence - the Maccoby-Minuchin hypothesis, Brian J. Bigelow, Elizabeth A. Levin and Sandra A. Cunning.

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