Grand Transformation to Entrepreneurial Economy: Exploring the Void

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03 Dec 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
136 pages - 152 x 229 x 11mm
We are now entering a new entrepreneurial economy, as we have shifted away from an industrial economy. This sharing economy has created a new paradigm of aggregation of individuals. It is around these communities organized into categories (workers, employees, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals) that the legislation takes shape. If public policy intends to give voice to the sharing communities, then it needs to enact pro-entrepreneurship policies, and move away from policies that cater to the old industrial economy. This can be done by facilitating experiments and studies of entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. There is no work at the crossroads of economics and entrepreneurship such as this. Formica explains why public policy now needs to shift towards the entrepreneurial economy, and how this can be done. Employing illustrative examples, this book focuses on the crucial role of policies to support entrepreneurs and establish the right environment for new business development and rapid conversion of ideas into enterprises that contribute to booming economic growth and prosperity.
World economies are entering a knowledge-based entrepreneurial economy and leaving the old industrial economy behind. And Formica sees that major transformation as a cause for serious concern because the prior era's policies and the people who made them were inadequate and ineffective. In his book, he provides a detailed explanation of why policies, and the behaviors and roles of policy makers who have not had the public's trust, need to change. He also addresses how those changes should be made to support the entrepreneurial economy and its entrepreneurs and provide a richer environment for the development of new ideas and businesses that can contribute to economic growth. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution.

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