Working with Families for Inclusive Education: Navigating Identity, Opportunity and Belonging Vol: 10

Dick Sobsey
University of Alberta, Canada

Kate Scorgie
Azusa Pacific University, USA

Chris Forlin
Private Inclusive Education Consultant, Australia

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15 May 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
International Perspectives on Inclusive Education


This book explores personal, family and theoretical constructions of inclusion and offers evidence-based strategies and resources to foster parent-professional, home-school collaborative partnerships. It explores working with families to secure identity, opportunity and belonging within school settings and beyond. It does so by means of a rich international blend of scholarly articles and personal reflections. 
The first section examines personal, family, and theoretical perspectives on ways in which existing systems and structures define and influence inclusion of persons with disability and their families in school and workplace settings. It invites reflection on how we might come together to create more inclusive communities through mutual understanding and valuing. Section two presents a number of evidence-based practices, strategies, and resources that can serve to guide family members and professionals as they work together to build collaborative partnerships and inclusive school communities from preschool through transition to post-secondary and vocational settings. 
This book invites us to deeper understandings of collaboration, to engage reflection from diverse perspectives. It reminds us that at some level we are all navigating identity, opportunity and belonging; that each of us needs those who challenge us to see beyond our assumptions, whose ideas shape and sharpen our own.
Introduction SECTION 1: PERSONAL AND FAMILY PERSPECTIVES ON INCLUSION: NAVIGATING IDENTITY, OPPORTUNITY AND BELONGING 1. Ability and opportunity in the rearview mirror - Emma van der Klift and Norm Kunc 2. “I could have so easily been excluded”: Exploring narratives of inclusion and exclusion in the lives of professional performers with disabilities - Sara E. Green and Shawn C. Bingham 3. A game of give and take: My journey through special education and inclusion - Heidi L. Janz 4. The Ecocultural Project of family life - David McConnell and Amber Savage 5. The gift of belonging: From parents to society - Gregor Wolbring 6. Parental perspective about inclusive education in the Pacific - Umesh Sharma and Sivendra Michael 7. An emancipatory stance regarding fathers of children with disabilities - Keith W. Allred 8. Broadening family perspectives: The experiences of fathers and siblings when a child has chronic illness or disability - Kate Scorgie 9. My special sister - Maria Pacine and Vanessa Morelli SECTION 2: FOSTERING COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS FOR INCLUSION: FRAMEWORKS AND STRATEGIES 10. ‘Diagnosing the need’ or ‘in need of a diagnosis’? Reconceptualizing educational need - Juho Honkasilta 11. Father and Son - Dick Sobsey 12. Hidden voices: Parents’ perspectives on the barriers to and facilitators of inclusion on their preschool children with disabilities - Susan R. Warren 13. 40 years of inclusive education advocacy: A personal perspective - Bruce Uditsky 14. Toward a vision of inclusive learning communities: It takes the village - Jennifer Katz 15. Rethinking Individual Education Plans: Searching for a better way - Dick Sobsey 16. Engaging parent strengths for inclusion: The power of optimism, hope, and courage - Laura Nota, Maria Cristina Ginevra, Ilaria di Maggio and Salvatore Soresi 17. Being a parent and a teacher: Personal reflections - Emma Barrett 18. Transition post-school: Five steps toward reducing the hurdles - Marion Shields Conclusion 19. So you think we can trust? [Re-]building home—school collaboration with families of children with disability - Kate Scorgie and Dick Sobsey Index
Dick Sobsey, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Kate Scorgie, San Diego, CA, USA

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