The Trump Phenomenon: How the Politics of Populism Won in 2016

Peter Kivisto
Augustana College, USA

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23 Aug 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
152 pages - 129 x 198mm
On November 8, 2016, American voters surprised the world by electing a rank outsider with no previous political experience, businessman and celebrity Donald J. Trump, to become the 45th President of the United States after one of the most divisive and contentious campaigns in recent history. In this short book, Peter Kivisto analyses how this happened, focusing on who Trump is and the narratives about him and his candidacy that evolved during the campaign, who his supporters are and what their worldview is, and the role of the media, right-wing Christians, and the Republican Party in making Trump’s victory possible. 

The Trump phenomenon must be viewed as a manifestation of right-wing populism, a movement which has serious implications for democratic values and practices, and this book examines how it took hold in America to put one of the most controversial presidents ever elected into the White House.
1, Democratic Culture and Civil Virtue 
2, The Trump Voter: Labeling the Baskets 
3, Institutional Openings to Authoritarianism 
Peter Kivisto is Richard A. Swanson Professor of Social Thought at Augustana College, USA and Co-Director of the Laboratory for Research on Transnationalism and Migration Processes at St Petersburg State University, Russia. The author of over 30 books and 150 articles and book chapters, he currently serves on the Council of the American Sociological Association.
Kivisto investigates how someone manifestly unfit to serve was elected US president, and suggests some implications of what it might portend for the future. He discusses events leading up to the election and beyond as the Trump operatives geared up to take over the reins of government, but stops with the swearing in. What happens when the Trump administrations begins to govern is another topic for another day, he says. He covers democratic culture and civic virtue, the Trump voter: labeling the baskets, and institutional openings to authoritarianism.

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