The Stalled Revolution: Is Equality for Women an Impossible Dream?

Eva Tutchell
Education consultant, UK

John Edmonds
King’s College London, UK

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19 Dec 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm


There is a popular illusion that the status of women has improved continuously throughout the past hundred years. In reality most of the progress towards equality has come as a result of the Votes for Women campaign before the First World War and the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1960s and 1970s. This book will tell the story of the two campaigns, using original material and interviews to convey what it felt like to be in the heart of each movement. The stories are exciting, inspiring and sometimes very funny. However the deeper purpose of 'The Stalled Revolution' is to reveal how the two campaigns achieved success and thus providing answers to many of the dilemmas faced by a new generation of campaigners. The book shows that the methods used to raise awareness, build support, influence public opinion and put pressure on government are instructive and surprisingly modern. In particular, the Votes for Women campaign and the Women’s Liberation Movement showed women how to confront injustice and how to be victorious. By illustrating some of the most successful aspects of the campaigns, this book will show a new generation of campaigner how how to better and more successfully campaign for equality for women.
Eva Tutchell is an expert on gender issues, advising public authorities on challenges and solutions. Starting out as a secondary school teacher, Eva’s work has covered all age groups. Her book, 'Dolls and Dungarees' is recommended reading for primary school teachers; she has researched the attitudes of teenagers and particularly of teenage boys; she has published guidance for schools and colleges on disordered eating and has developed and taught a module on gender for use in university MA courses. John Edmonds is a trade unionist and specialist in work organisation. For nearly twenty years John was General Secretary of the 700,000 member GMB trade union where he increased the representation of women throughout the union. He also served as TUC President. More recently John has focused on environmental issues and on campaigning for a more inclusive system of education and training. He is a Visiting Fellow at King’s College, London, where he studies labour markets and gender equality and a Visiting Professor of Durham University Business School.

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