Symbolic Interactionist Takes on Music Vol: 47

Norman K. Denzin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Christopher J. Schneider
Brandon University, Canada

Joseph A. Kotarba
Texas State University, USA

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06 Oct 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Participants from Couch-Stone Symposium 2014 have transformed their presentations into elegant papers for this collection. Chapters fall into three categorical themes, largely reflecting their position in the symposium but, more importantly, reflecting a natural progression in scope of symbolic interactionist work in music: moving from observations of the individual to observation of organizations to interdisciplinary observations of music from scholars in related disciplines.
Introduction - Popular Music in Everyday Lives - Joseph A. Kotarba Saved by Rock ‘N’ Roll: Lou Reed, His Fans, and the Becoming of the (Marginal) Self - Thaddeus Muller Crews, Camps, and Communities: Place and Belonging in Jam Festival Scenes - Robert Owen Gardner Feminizing a Musical Form: Women’s Participation as Barbershop Singers - Jeffrey E. Nash and Dina C. Nash “When I Feel a Song in Me”: Exploring Emotions Through the Creative Song-writing Process - Maggie Colleen Cobb Negotiating Fan Identities in K-Pop Music Culture - J. Patrick Williams Music Videos on YouTube: Exploring Participatory Culture on Social Media - Christopher J. Schneider Musical Interactions: Girls Who Like and Use Rap Music for Empowerment - Raphael Travis, Scott W. Bowman, Joshua Childs and Renee Villanueva The Church and the Streets: An Ethnographic Study of the Christian Hip Hop Music Scene in Central Texas - Jonafa Banbury “Are You in the Pit?” Role Embracement Among Online Rock Fans - Andrea Baker Musical Pastiche: The Case of Matisyahu - Thaddeus Atzmon Music Is Rhythm, Rhythm Is Life: The Living Moment - Eugene Halton
Edited by Christopher J. Schneider, Brandon University, Canada Joseph A. Kotarba, Texas State University, USA
Revised versions of papers presented by sociologists from the US, Singapore, and Canada at the Couch-Stone Symposium in 2014 at Texas State U., the 11 essays in this volume discuss symbolic interactionist research on the role of music in making sense of, managing, and designing everyday lives. The examine such topics as Lou Reed, jam festival scenes, women's participation as barbershop singers, the creative songwriting process, fan identities in K-pop music culture, participatory culture in terms of music videos on YouTube, girls who like and use rap music for empowerment, the Christian hip hop music scene in Central Texas, role embracement among online rock fans, Matisyahu, and spontaneous gesture and improvisation in blues. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution.

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