Sociometrics and Human Relationships: Analyzing Social Networks to Manage Brands, Predict Trends, and Improve Organizational Performance

Peter A. Gloor

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04 May 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
512 pages - 152 x 229mm
Sociometrics and Human Relationships translates the latest academic research into practical business strategies and techniques as well as actionable insights, providing a wealth of examples for social network analysis and predicting trends. Gloor illustrates how to improve organizational performance by optimizing communication and collaboration through email. Based on Collaborative Innovation Networks courses which have been taught for over a decade to students forming virtual teams across a number of universities, Gloor shows readers how to leverage virtual collaborative creativity in the Internet age, and helps them understand and apply the dynamics of online communication via a variety of tools. Gloor has also created a tool that analyses all types of social media such as: Twitter, Wikipedia, online blogs and Facebook as well as email or Skype logs to predict election outcomes, perception and strength of brands, customer and employment satisfaction, or fraudulent behavior. Gloor explains how to use his tool, Condor, to visualize, monitor and manage brands, products and topics online, as well as analyzing organizations through their email networks.
1. Introduction I. TREND PREDICTION BY MEASURING SOCIAL NETWORKS 2. Coolfarming Organizations 3. Coolhunting and Trend Forecasting on the Web 4. The 6 Honest Signals of Collaboration 5. Essentials of Social Network Analysis and Statistics 6. How Ideas Spread in Online Social Networks – Readings II. ANALYZING STRUCTURE, DYNAMICS, AND CONTENT OF NETWORKS WITH CONDOR 7. The Four Step Analysis Process 8. Getting Started with Condor 9. Analyzing E-Mail with Condor 10. Calculating Personality Characteristics from E-Mail 11. Predicting Criminal Intent from E-Mail – Analyzing the Enron E-Mail Archive 12. Coolhunting on the Internet with Condor 13. Coolhunting – Francogeddon 14. Coolhunting the US Presidential Elections III. AMICA (AUTOMATIC MEDIA INSIGHTS COIN ASSESSMENT) 15. IMIC (Inside Media Individual Collaboration) 16. OMIC (Outside Media Individual Collaboration) 17. IMOC (Inside Media Organizational Collaboration) 18. OMOC (Outside Media Organizational Collaboration) 19. SIC & SOC (Survey of Individual and Organizational Collaboration) IV. Appendix – Useful Machine Learning and Graph Analysis Tools 1. Identifying Anti-Vaxxers through Machine Learning using KNIME 2. Generating Nice Graph Pictures with Gephi 3. Sample Mid Term Exam 4. References
Peter A. Gloor, MIT Management Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

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