Sexual Violence on Campus: Power-Conscious Approaches to Awareness, Prevention, and Response

Chris Linder
University of Georgia, USA

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22 Mar 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
111 pages - 129 x 198mm
Great Debates in Higher Education
Campus activists, policymakers, administrators, educators, and legislators have a common goal related to sexual violence on college campuses: make it stop. Despite the common goal, every person invested in ending sexual violence on college campuses has a different strategy or set of strategies for achieving this. Recent legal regulations and political and media pressure have led campus activists, educators, and administrators to over-rely on policy and enforcement as strategies to respond to sexual violence. Although policy is an important and necessary component of addressing sexual violence, it should be one component of a comprehensive strategy, rather than the overall strategy. 

Through a power-conscious lens, this important book will draw on current media coverage and scholarly literature about campus sexual violence to argue that activist and administrators’ over-reliance on policy as a strategy to address sexual violence results in less than effective strategies to prevent it from happening in the first place. Specifically, it will highlight ways scholarship and policy center heterosexual, cisgender, white women, failing to account for the varied ways students from minoritized populations experience sexual violence. Further, it will illuminate the ways in which current media coverage and scholarship makes perpetrators of sexual violence invisible, resulting in responsibility for ending sexual violence being placed on potential victims.

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