Safe Mobility: Challenges, Methodology and Solutions Vol: 11

Dominique Lord
Texas A&M University, USA

Simon Washington
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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16 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
404 pages - 152 x 229mm
Transport and Sustainability
Safe mobility has a clear and transparent link to transport sustainability, as fatalities and injuries resulting from people engaged with transport networks worldwide is an increasing public health concern relative to other health threats worldwide. This volume on Safe Mobility provides current state of the knowledge across a multitude of analytical and context specific transport safety areas. It includes a comprehensive set of chapters authored by many of the world's leading experts in both behavioural and engineering aspects of safety mobility, providing a comprehensive view of the area. 

The book increases the level of knowledge on road safety contexts, issues and challenges; shares what can currently be done to address the variety of issues; and points to what needs to be done to make further gains in road safety.
Introduction; Simon Washington and Dominique Lord 

Driver Behaviour: Challenges and Solutions 
1, Driver Education and Licensing Programs; Lyndel Bates, Ashleigh Filtness and Barry Watson  
2, Aggressive driving and speeding, Kara Kockelman and Jianming Ma 
3, Distracted Driving and Inattention; Mitchell Cunningham and Michael Regan  

Transport Network: Challenges and Solutions  
4, Urban and Suburban Arterials; Tom Brijs and Ali Pirdavani  
5, Controlled Access Facilities (freeways); Francesca La Torre  
6, Rural and Urban Intersections; Richard Tay 
7, Roundabouts; Alfonso Montella 
8, Real time traffic safety and operations; Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Qi Shi, Anurag Pande and Rongjie Yu 

Vulnerable Road Users: Challenges and Solutions 
9, Providing for Pedestrians; Per Gårder  
10, Providing for Bicyclists; Narelle Haworth and Jacqueline Fuller 

Methods for Understanding and Predicting Safety Performance 
11, Cross-Sectional Modelling; Fred Mannering 
12, Time-Series Modelling; Mohammed Quddus  
13, Safety Prediction with Datasets Characterized with Excess Zero Responses and Long Tails; Dominique Lord and Srinivas Geedipally 
14, Crash Severity Methods; John Ivan and Karthik C. Konduri 
15, Detecting high risk accident locations; Simon Washington, Amir Pooyan Afghari, and MD Mazharul Haque 
16, Surrogate Measures of Safety; Andrew Tarko 

Methods for Evaluating Safety Impacts of Countermeasures  
17, Before-after Evaluations; Bhagwant Persaud 
18, Meta Analytic Methods; Rune Elvik 

Summary and Conclusions Conclusions and Future Directions; Simon Washington and Dominique Lord
Dominique Lord is a Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University, USA. He has published more than 110 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and presented more than 100 papers at international conferences. He is also the recipient of numerous and prestigious awards. 

Simon Washington is currently Head of School and Professor, School of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is Associate Editor or Editorial Advisory Board Member on six leading international transport journals and has co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and a second edition of a textbook which has been adopted in over 20 countries.

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