Justification, Evaluation and Critique in the Study of Organizations: Contributions from French Pragmatist Sociology Vol: 52

Michael Lounsbury
University of Alberta, Canada

Charlotte Cloutier
Cass Business School, UK

Jean-Pascal Gond
Cass Business School, UK

Bernard Leca
Essec Business School, France

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31 May 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
416 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
The papers included in the volume explore how mobilizing Boltanski and Thévenot’s EW framework helps address questions regarding the premises and dynamics of agreement and disagreement in coordinated action, both within and across organizations, and by so doing, help advance our understanding of organizational processes more generally. The book is organized into four sections, each with contributions that address one of the four core theoretical objectives around which the volume is structured (1) to clarify how individuals manage the contradictions and compromises inherent to organizational pluralism; (2) to look at organizations critically by unpacking the roles of rhetoric and justification in the practice of critique; (3) to reconsider valuation and evaluation in organizations; and (4) to push the boundaries of the EW framework. These four objectives provide a scaffolding that helps further embed the framework in our contemporary thinking about organizations.
Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta, Canada; Charlotte Cloutier, Cass Business School, UK; Jean-Pascal Gond, Cass Business School, UK; Bernard Leca, Essec Business School, France
Scholars of business report on recent research and current thinking on the analysis of justification, evaluation, and critique in organizations as inspired by the foundational ideas of French Pragmatist Sociology's economics of worth framework. They cover managing organizational pluralism: how individuals navigate moral contradictions and compromise; looking at organizations critically: rhetoric, justification, and criticism-as-practice; reconsidering valuation and evaluation in organizations; and pushing the boundaries of pragmatic sociology's theoretical agenda.

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