Crossroads of the Classroom: Narrative Intersections of Teacher Knowledge and Subject Matter Vol: 28

Vicki Ross
Northern Arizona University, USA

Elaine Chan
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Dixie K. Keyes
Arkansas State University, USA

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28 Apr 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Research on Teaching
This book aims to explore and make visible the intersection of subject matter knowledge and teacher knowledge in the narratives of teachers. This complicated interaction between these two bodies of knowledge is often studied and little understood. 
This book uses narrative to examine the complexities of teaching and learning. The authors of the chapters, as well as the editors, use innovative approaches to narrative methodology for research on teaching and teacher education in areas of education critical to teachers’ lives. Particularly through this book, they continue to advance the work of researchers to display narratives of educator lives and ways of knowing while opening the space for a community of narrative scholars.
Teachers' Stories of Navigating the Intersection of Subject Matter and Teacher Knowledge - Elaine Chan, Vicki Ross, and Dixie K. Keyes Section I: Entering the Crossroads through Stories at the Elementary Level - Dixie K. Keyes, Elaine Chan, Vicki Ross, and Joey Persinger Variegated Stories of Professional Development: Striking a/n Im/balance between Science and Mathematics Content Knowledge and Teacher Knowledge - Vicki Ross, Shannon Guerrero, and Elissa Fenton Stories and Statistics: a Mixed Picture of Gender Equity in Mathematics - Kathleen Jablon Stoehr, Kathy Carter, and Amanda Sugimoto A Glimpse into the Future: Ptacrice Teaching in Fifth-Grade Math - Michelle Novelli and Vicki Ross Choosing the Best Alternative: The Branching Pathways of Consequences in Social Studies Curriculum Choice-Making - Joey Persinger and Vicki Ross Section II: Entering the Crossroads through Stories from the Secondary Level - Vicki Ross, Elaine Chan, Dixie K. Keyes, and Trudy Cardinal Sing It Over: Meditations on 'Best-Loved Self' and Sustaining in Secondary English Language Arts - Chestin Auzenne-Curl Teaching the 'Promotes Diversity': The Potential of Disruptibe Narratives - Dottie Bossman Stories of an English Language Arts Teacher in a High Need Secondary School: A Narrative into her Best-Loved Self - Jing Li and Kayla Davenport Logan Health. Physical Education Content, and Teacher Knowledge/Identity - Colleen Fadale and Pamela Powell Section III: Entering the Crossroads through Stories from Teacher Preparation - Elaine Chan, Dixie K. Keyes, Vicki Ross, and Trudy Cardinal A Narrative Inquiry of Other in Special Education: Tensions of Subject Matter Knowledge in Relation to Teacher Knowledge - Laura Franklin Interweaving Narratives of Personal and Professional Selves of a Beginning Teacher in India - Bobby Abrol 'Traditional Teaching Method Still Holds Water': Narrative Inquiry of Student Teachers' Professional Identities at the Intersection of Teacher Knowledge and Subject Matter Knowledge - Gang Zhu Indigenous Education, Relational Pedagogy, and Autobiographical Narrative Inquiry: A Reflective Journey of Teaching Teachers - Trudy Cardinal and Sulya Fenichel Narrative Resonance Among Stories: Crossroads of the Classroom, Curriculum-Makers, and Complexities of Deliberation - Dixie K. Keyes, Elaine Chan, and Vicki Ross About the Authors Index
Vicki Ross, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, USA Elaine Chan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA Dixie K. Keyes, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR, USA
Education scholars from the US and Canada present 14 essays that examine the intersection between subject matter knowledge and teacher knowledge in the US and elsewhere. They consider how teachers use narrative to understand their classroom lives and practice, the tensions in their work as they help students construct knowledge, and connections between narrative understandings of teacher knowledge, identity, and practice in relation to concepts of subject matter knowledge. They examine teacher stories in elementary contexts, from the perspective of preservice teachers and their supervisors, as well as professional development experiences, in terms of science, math, and social studies knowledge; stories from the secondary level in relation to English language arts, teaching that promotes diversity, and physical education; and stories about teacher preparation in special education, transitioning from student teaching to early-career teaching in India, the influence of the knowledge community in a teacher education program in China, and constructing a language arts curriculum that honors indigenous language and culture in Canada.

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