Studies in Law, Politics, and Society Vol: 70

Austin Sarat
Amherst College, USA

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29 Apr 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (SLPS) provides a vehicle for the publication of scholarly articles within the broad parameters of interdisciplinary legal scholarship; the articles in this volume cover a diverse range of topics relating to law's relationship with and impact on society. Topics covered include: coverage of capital punishment in the mainstream and radical press; the landmark Roe vs. Wade case and the Republican Party's relationship with abortion law; an exploration of the legal politics of temporality in emergencies; gendered racialization and White supremacy in the US, specifically related to Muslim women; conflict resolution and legal theory; and self-determination for indigenous peoples in the Pacific.
A Twice-Told Story: Comparing Accounts of Capital Punishment in the Radical and Mainstream Press - Austin Sarat, Kyra Ellis-Moore, Abraham Kanter, Christina Won and Abigail Xu Why Roe Still Stands: Abortion Law, the Supreme Court, and the Republican Regime - Thomas M. Keck and Kevin J. McMahon The Legal Politics of Time in Emergencies: Ticking-Time in the Israeli High Court of Justice - Karin Loevy Between Society and the State: Gendered Racialization and Muslim Americans - Hajer Al-Faham with Rose Ernst The “Law of Alternatives”: Conflict Resolution as the Art of Reconstruction – Michal Alberstein Decolonization and the Right of Self-Determination for the Pacific - Valmaine Toki
Edited by Austin Sarat, Department of Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought and Political Science, Amherst College, USA
In this book, editor Austin Sarat presents readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles investigating various aspects of the intersection of law, politics, and contemporary society throughout the world. The six contributions that make up the main body of the text are devoted to comparing accounts of capital punishment in the radical and mainstream press; abortion law, the Supreme Court, and the Republican regime; the legal politics of time in emergencies; gendered racialization and Muslim Americans; and a variety of other related subjects. The editor is a faculty member of Amherst College in Massachusetts. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution.

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