Interdisciplinary Connections to Special Education Vol: 30

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21 Oct 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229 x 15mm
Advances in Special Education
This two-part volume addresses the specific area of interdisciplinary connections within special education research. Special education has transformed as a result of legislation, new trends and current research investigations. Currently, there is no comprehensive resource that effectively covers these advances. Part A sets the agenda for this two-part volume by addressing the challenge of why an interdisciplinary understanding is necessary and also outlines the benefits of adopting a multidisciplinary framework.
Rationale for Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Relations in Special Education. The Role of Special Educators in Interdisciplinary Connections. Role of General Educators in a Multidisciplinary Team for Learners with Special Needs. Role of Counselors in Multidisciplinary Interactions in Special Education. Roles of Related Professionals in Special Education. Roles of Parents/Families/Guardians. The Role of Community in Special Education: A Relational Approach. Different Roles and Similar Mission in the Education of Students with Special Needs: The Comprehensive Support Model at Work. Role of School Leaders in Interdisciplinary Connections in Special Education. Copyright page. Interdisciplinary Connections to Special Education: Important Aspects to Consider. List of Contributors. Preface. Advances in special education. Interdisciplinary Connections to Special Education: Important Aspects to Consider. Role of Psychologists in Interdisciplinary Relations in Special Education. Role of Government Agencies in Enhancing Special Education.

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