Public and Third Sector Leadership: Experience Speaks

Brian Howieson
University of Dundee, UK

Julie Hodges
Durham University Business School, UK

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31 Jul 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 165 x 240 x 20mm
For those bold enough to lead in this age of austerity, the challenges are immense. Seismic shifts have taken place in the public and third sectors. Political, economic, technological, and social change are driving profound transformation of organizational models, making predictability and stability elusive. The combined effects of the economic downturn and cutbacks in spending are hitting leaders in the public and third sectors hard. Written by leaders in these sectors, this book provides an opportunity for the voices of those rarely considered in the literature on leadership to be heard. Each leader has contributed their personal reflections of what leadership means to them and their experience of it. They also consider the complex challenges they face as they grapple with changes in the economy, polity and society. Public and Third Sector Leadership: Experience Speaks provides an analysis of the research in the public and third sectors and the reflections written by each leader, highlighting the key themes from each sector. This is a unique opportunity to hear from the men and women who have demanding leadership positions in the public and third sectors in the UK today.
Leaders working in the public and third sector in small and large organizations in the UK describe their experiences with leadership and what it means to them, as well as the complex challenges they face, particularly in times of austerity and change. After a chapter on current approaches to leadership, chapters provide insights from these leaders (organized by sector), as well as information on the sector, its context and changes, the nature of leadership, leadership theory and development, and key themes. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution.
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