Special Issue: Who Belongs?: Immigration, Citizenship, and the Constitution of Legality Vol: 60

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15 Jan 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
161 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Studies in Law, Politics and Society


The 60th volume of Studies in Law, Politics, and Society edited by Austin Sarat, is an essential text for legal scholars with a unique focus on the disciplines of sociology, politics and the humanities. This special issue interrogates how law defines identity. It addresses the key themes of immigration and citizenship, and examines the criteria that produces the label of "American". Articles discuss birthright citizenship and immigrant membership in the US, early immigration histories, sovereignty, and citizenship policies with current examples from Europe. Are all those born or naturalized in the US "American" and all those born or naturalized elsewhere not? How does law identify and decide who belongs? How does dealing with "outsiders" challenge the law? This volume answers these questions and explores how citizens are not born through accidents of geography but are made through law.
List of Contributors. EDITORIAL BOARD. Introduction from Series Editor. Sovereignty and Its Alternatives: On the Terms of (Illegal) Alienage in U.S. Law. Interrogating Birthright Citizenship. Being American/Becoming American: Birthright Citizenship and Immigrants’ Membership in the United States. Extending Hospitality? History, Courts, and the Executive. Evaluating and Explaining the Restrictive Backlash in Citizenship Policy in Europe. Special Issue: Who Belongs? Immigration, Citizenship, and the Constitution of Legality. Studies in law, politics, and society. Studies in law, politics, and society. Copyright page.

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