Delivering Sustainable Transport: A Social Science Perspective

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11 Dec 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
212 pages - 150 x 225 x 15mm


Until now, transport has been left to planners and economists, but this timely book raises issues that these disciplines exclude. This book offers examples of how transport analysis can be diversified and broadened to include important theoretical approaches and perspectives not previously used in mainstream transport studies. These provocative essays cover a wide range of issues and opens up a debate on the effects of travel and transport on various social groups, from bikers to pre-school age children, in the West and in industrialising countries. Leading authorities from transport planning, sociology, geography and environmental studies show how different frameworks - from theories of consumption to ethnography - can provide fresh insights and inspire new policies.
Introduction: Morphing mobility - a methodological critique (A. Root); Globalisation, Markets and Policy - the Need for New Paradigms; Transport, modernity and globalisation (C. McKenzie); Limits of economics (K.H. Schaeffer, E. Sclar); If public transport is the answer, what is the question? (K. Hamilton); Post-Modernity and Reflexivity; Reflexivity in transport studies (T. Turrentine); Moblising the mobile: the political inclusion of the transport user (S. McDonald-Walker); Identity, lifestyle and the gaming interview (T. Turrentine); Cultural Studies; The automobile era: a cultural analysis (K.H. Schaeffer, E. Sclar); Ethnography of motor-bike boys (P. Willis); The effects of different localities on children's play and development (M. Huttenmoser); New Dimensions in Mobility Discourses; What is transport social exclusion? (J. Solomon); Westernising travel policy: rickshaw pullers in Calcutta (J. Whitelegg et al.); The city and the car (M. Sheller, J. Urry); About the authors; Index.

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