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Doing Research That Matters Shaping the Future of Management

Book details for Doing Research That Matters
Marco Busi (editor),

Hardback, 246 x 174 x 18mm , 200 pp, Illustrations

 26 Jun 2013

 Emerald Group Publishing Limited



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If you believe the impact of management research and education is in decline, this book will help you play your part. Doing Research that Matters looks at an old issue from a new perspective, taking a fresh and cross-disciplinary approach to learning how we can contribute with our work to shaping the future of management. Readers are invited to sit back and relax while they are taken on a journey through the views and work of a group of exemplary professionals: top-management gurus Rob Goffee, Robert Kaplan, Barbara Kellerman, Philip Kotler, John Kotter, Howard Gardner, Costas Markides, Roger Martin, Henry Mintzberg and David Ulrich; Nobel Laureates Gerhard Ertl, Doug Osheroff, Elinor Ostrom, Jack Szostack and Harald zur Hausen; and world renowned astrophysicist Margherita Hack. In his quest to become a better management innovator, Marco Busi shares the wisdom he gained from these interviews to highlight patterns in the way pioneers identify a problem worth researching, generate an outcome worth spreading, and generally conduct a career worth having.


"Marco Busi has achieved a remarkable thing with his new book. He has rigorously researched and intensively argued the trade off between academic research and practical application and raises questions that others do not dare or think to ask. Academic scholars, business leaders and editors should engage with his work - this is first class analysis, thoughtful, questioning and inspiring". Othmar Krienbuhl, Head Logistics Zurich, MBA, Swiss Re "We have many excellent pathways in management theory that define and have proved themselves in time and practice. However, Dr. Busi has opened a window to a fresh way of asking the questions that may begin to create new pathways to the way we uncover new and innovative answers. This book challenges each of us to look at how we can become part of this excitement. I personally, hope that my work can create 'Insight Incubators' to grow our future people managers!" Catherine Strizzi, Exec. VP of Curriculum Design, Novadynamix "This is the book for people (like me) who would never even think of opening a conventional book about research, made by some static guru of boring old-school words - - (Busi is) an innovative and agile business provider who has changed research from being a"" book of letters to be finished"" to a ""book of value you would wish to be endless". Stefan Ferretti, Group Supply Chain Capability Development Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic