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Handbook of Transport Systems and Traffic Control

Book details for Handbook of Transport Systems and Traffic Control
Handbooks in Transport v. 3

Kenneth J. Button (editor), David A. Hensher (editor),

Hardback, 240 x 165 x 36mm , 628 pp, Illustrations

 02 Oct 2001

 Pergamon Press



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This book discusses transport systems and the implementation of related public policy - a relevant topic with contemporary traffic congestion, environmental intrusion, transport safety, and budget issues. It is a resource for both experienced researchers and those new to the field.


Introduction. (K.J. Button, D.A. Hensher). Transport planning. (D. Banister). Traffic reduction (P.B. Goodwin). Equity versus efficiency in transport systems (C. Nash). The concept of optimal transport systems (R. Vickerman). The economics of transport networks (K.J. Button). Traffic congestion and congestion pricing (R. Lindsey, E. Verhoef). Modal diversion (D.A. Hensher). Induced travel and user benefits: clarifying definitions and measurement for urban road infrastructure (P.W. Abelson, D.A. Hensher). Cost-benefit analysis in transport (P. Mackie, J. Nellthorp). Transport subsidies (W. Rothengatter). Transportation demand management (J.L. Gifford, O.J. Stalebrink). Infrastructure capacity (T.R. Lakshmanan, W.P. Anderson). Transport safety (I. Savage). Environmental protection (E. Quinet, D. Sperling). Transportation and economic development (K. Haynes, K.J. Button). Bus services: deregulation and privatisation (lessons for third world cities) (A. Armstrong-Wright). Transportation in sparsely populated regions (A.E. Andersson). Biking and walking: the position of non-motorized transport modes in transport systems (P. Rietveld). Traffic calming (R. Brindle). Specialized transport (D. Gillingwater, N. Tyler). Women and travel (L.A. Schintler). Cross-border traffic (K.J. Button). Parking and traffic control (W. Young). Road vehicle design standards (M.C. Case, M.G. Lay). Junction design (R.N. Bird). High-occupancy routes and truck lanes (D. Pitfield, R. Watson). Urban traffic flow (A.D. May). Traffic flow control (L.A. Schintler). Traffic control devices and management (K.J. Button). Intelligent transport systems (M.A.P. Taylor). Transportation information systems (B. Benson). Route guidance systems (D. Nelson, P.J. Tarnoff). Modeling traffic signal control (M. Smith et al.). Railway scheduling (R. Watson). Public transport scheduling (A. Ceder). Seaport terminal management (B. Thomas). Air traffic control systems (G.L. Donohue). Airport slot controls (A.M. Khan).